Use TV to Improve your health today!

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 That’s right- TV (and the internet) can improve your health!

I decided to bring back the blog (even required some scripting repairs) to bring you two health TV show websites.

On September 9th Season 5 of the famous Dr. Oz starts. He has useful stuff on the site, and some web exclusives.

I watched a good episode today of The Doctors TV. Tune in and get healthier today!

As always, you can find lots of health websites at my

Health Section. Once there click a link in the upper left corner of the topic that most interests you. Happy Labor Day!

New Movies July 4th Weekend

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
and  The Last Airbender Movies open up this weekend.

 Both have lots of potential. The stars of Eclipse will be visiting various theaters this weekend(very cool).

M. Night Shyamalan director and writer of The Last Airbender(also in 3D some theaters), has made some pretty entertaining movies.

Oil spill disaster. Lighter news- See Darius.

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 View this interactive map on the BP oil spill disaster.  Video and More on thisMore needs to be done to protect our environment, marine and wildlife. If companies can not be trusted to do it on their own, then the government must make them do it.  Our natural resources must not be compromised for one companys profit. Such a disaster affects more than just one spot in the ocean or one company. It could contaminate our food supply, cost fisherman loss of jobs and kill wildlife. It has already contaminated our ocean, birds, and will likely damage land on the coast. I hope those whales get moved out of the area fast. BP needs to fix all the negative impact this disaster caused. Unfortunately some of the damage can never be fixable. See what the EPA is doing.

On to lighter news:

SEE The worlds bigest Rabbit Darius.  

Eyjafjallajökull ash cloud and Katla

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Some more video on all the volcanic ash that has stopped European air travel over the last couple of days. View the live cam of Eyjafjallajökull.  Live cam for nearby major volcano Katla, which is said to erupt with Eyjafjallajökull historically[1] . Katla erupts in 40-80 year cycles, with the last major eruption in 1918[2] . See the previous post below for more.


If you want to keep up on the latest in archaeology in Egypt,

 visit Dr. Zahi Hawass online.




TV: 24, Merlin and V

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The remake of V is back on ABC Tuesdays, you can watch all the latest episodes on line, for a time if you’ve fallen behind. I saw the original, years ago, this new version is worth watching.

Merlin is also back for another round, the second epsisode of season 2 is currently airing a few times more, tune in or set your recorders. This Fridays, the 3rd episode on Syfy.

24  final season is still playing Fox Mondays. You can see the latest episodes online.  The Final 2 hour episode airs May 24.

Roman Era mummy found

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  A gypsum sarcophagus of  a lady in Roman robes found.

View it here. Incredible.

 You may have heard of the recent hominid find by a young boy and his father. See the video story of this find here.  More in depth.

Discovery Space Shuttle & International Space Station

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Members of the Discovery Space Shuttle crew were welcomed on Board the International Space Station today. See video of it here. Find the lateset Space Shuttle news here. Not to be missed- view Live Space Station Video  front row and cENTEr.

Iceland Volcano, Archaeology Bits, Spaceflight

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 This is a neat interactive map of Alaska Volcanos.  Brought to you because of  recent activity at Redoubt.

Check out this video on the recent Iceland Volcano eruption.

More video here.  View unconfirmed live webcam.

See this arial shot of the volcano.   See how many volcanoes are there.

 New  prehistoric Human species discovered.

See video of the worlds oldest known best preserved mummy.

See these photos of the first captive carry test flight of the space tour plane. See our original archived post on this.

Time Change and Earth Hour!

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D0n’t forget about the time change.
Spring Forward and fall behind! For further DST info check out Wikipedia.

Also turn those lights out for for Earth Hour!

This Years Earth Hour is On Saturday March 27th at 8:30 PM to 9:30PM. Turn off those lights and VOTE EARTH! 3 links.

Another Earthquake

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 Update March 16, 2010- Los Angeles area 4.4 moderate earthquake.

Read more on the 4.4 LA quake at CNN

March 14, 2010- Another earthquake occurred, this time in Japan but overall reports did not seem too bad this time. There has been a lot of earthquake activity, including the recent one in Chile that had generated a Pacific wide Tsunami warning, (that was less damaging than feared).

 Here is a nice overview on what causes earthquakes from MSNBC. I suggest to also click the earthquake tab before checking out the other maps. Check out the interactive  Earthquake map here

Another informative exhibit on earthquakes here

You can see recent earthquake activity at the USGS  

For Earthquake safety see Femas Earthquake section.

For some earthquake history and videos

They also have a few photos from Recent earthquakes

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