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Monthly Budget Planner | Salary Planner

Salary Planner V 1.1

This is the latest version as of 2/01/2003
100% Freeware!
After deciding to compare 2 different jobs, I came up with some formulas and calculations, I thought others could use or might find fun. This also inspired me to find and redesign my original budget planner. With some creative use, it can help you to plan your salary.

Know the hourly salary of a job, and want to know the yearly salary? How many hours am I working a year? What if I work a little extra per week? Can I compare what I sleep to what I work? Find out now! This one also includes charts. Its a short download and worth checking out! Did I mention I made it?

For Windows 95, 98 Version uses Works
Download Salary Planner V 1.1 Works Version

For Windows NT/ Microsoft Office in Windows 95, 98, uses Excel
Download Salary Planner V 1.1 Excel Version Coming Soon
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