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Email Tools
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Email Art
StarsPath ASCII Art
Cool! Find out what it is and how to use it in your email communications.

Figlet Server at Schnoggo
Web Based. Put your Name, word etc in, choose a font and get your Name in ASCII art. Cool for email signatures to add at the end of your email.

Email Newsletters

Looking For an email newsletter?? Try these:

National Geographic



Taste Of Home

Web MD

l Banners

Graphics for your email! This is usefull for for members/guests who have webspace where they can upload their graphics to. Many internet providers(like AOL) provide free webspace for their members to upload images to, see your providers help for more details. To add these graphical email signatures into your email: Once you create then upload the graphic to your webspace, In your StarsPath web email: check the add image(last icon on compose mail toolbar) and add the full url to your picture when you reach the spot you want the picture in. Ex: http://www.yourspace/yourpicture.gif or http://www.yourspace/yourpicture.jpg

Or you may also add them as a signature to all your sent messages under email options.
Ex: <img src="http://www.yourspace/yourpicture.gif">
Select the Use HTML format checkbox, then check Add signature to all messages and click save it. To clear it out just delete it all from the box, then click save it.

This is also usefull for members/guests who have webspace where they can upload their graphics to. Follow above instructions for StarsPath web based email, or see your email programs help file.

Email Quotations
Famous Quotations Network


Creative Quotations

Motivational Quotes

One Liners and Proverbs


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