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Guide: Install Incredimail on a windows PC *Requires you to have our low cost mail plus service.
Get IncrediMail and experience email for the first time.

The basic setup guide here is good for most people(ex: Using on your home network). If you prefer a secured connection(for use on public wifi), see the complete secure setup guide link at bottom.

Download Incredimail and run it when prompted. Setup your email when prompted. It will take you to the next screens:
A. Basic setup




In incredimail, Click tools, email accounts, properties of account you wish to configure. You willl see the next screen below. This will further configure your mail settings.


Windows Automatic Download settings!!:
Now that incredimail is running- Go to Tools, options, General,- the box should be checked for check for new messages every 8 hours if your computer is always left on. If you only leave the computer on for shorter periods of time, shorter check periods are ok. 1, or 4 hour suggested.
If you have too many automatic pulls the service may temporarily block incredimail, but you will still be able to check for new emails on the web version. You also have the option to uncheck the box, but then you have to manually click the get mail button to get or send any emails.

Thats it, your basic configurations are all set! If you cannot yet receive or send emails, continue below to step G.

If you cannot yet send or receive email, Recheck all settings. Then go to step E: Then follow E instructions(skip f) and then come back to this step(G.). Click on the server tab. Confirm your incoming(receiving) mail port is set to 143
If you should have a problem sending emails, try changing the outgoing port to 2525 as shown below. Otherwise leave it as 25
More available ports for an unsecure outgoing connection are in advanced settings chart.(includes SSL)

**You can also setup a secure Starspath email connection(if you use email through public wifi)
See the Starspath complete secure setup guide(SSL) for windows here.

Other email Software settings:
Additional Detailed Imap instructions for specific email software. Many email programs work the same way. So try one of the options if you run into a problem.

Download IncrediMail

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