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How to get the most out of your StarsPath email account!
Get IncrediMail and experience email for the first time.

The Scoop:
IncrediMail, is an email program that handles your email in a fun entertainment style. It is email software which uses your email account to send and receive your email instead of logging in at starspath. Mail Plus members are set to go! You have to download and install the IncrediMail software (above link). It also requires some manual setting up at first. See step by step set up link at bottom for windows.

How it worked & Features:
There are Special effects when sending or deleteing mail. Cool, selectable characters or pop ups called notifiers inform you on your computer when you have new mail if the program is running and you are connected to the internet. There is a free version, and a pay version with No Ads.

General IncrediMail Tips:
IncrediMail Quick Setup Guide: If you are using our free email, you must first purchase StarsPath Mail Plus(small fee). It comes with lots of other great features. Log in to your email account at starspath, then click options!

Once you have Mail Plus, Download and install IncrediMail to your computer or ipad. Then configure the settings. Mail plus users can find the setting information needed when logged in to their email account at

I prefer and suggest, the imap setting (incoming mail server) for managing my emails, because I can manage them from multiple devices and programs. This option also requires smtp setting(outgoing mail server) to send out mails. In the past you had to use pop3 (incoming mail server) and smtp, which some people may be more familiar with. For more info on imap see below.

**Note: Mail Plus users on Apple or Android devices, looking for a more basic email interface, can also use the built in apple or android email program with their starspath acccount instead of incredimail. I especially suggest using imap with smtp for mobile devices.

Now Have Fun!

Basic Imap setup instructions for Starspath email:
This only works with mail plus accounts. Free accounts wanting this feature, and all the other benefits of mailplus should upgrade by clicking on options from the main email screen, today!

Other Email Software
There are five primary settings that you will need to configure in your email software:

You must use your complete email address:(replace yourusername with your email username)

Your email password. This is the same password that you use to login to your web based email account.

3.Incoming Mail Server (IMAP)

4.Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

5.Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)Authentication
In order to send email, you must set your email software to use authentication when connecting to the outgoing mail server. If your email software asks you to enter a username and password, enter the same username and password that you entered in settings one and two above.

To learn more about your email program, check its online help documentation or manual.

Review our advanced settings chart.(includes SSL)

Additional Detailed Imap instructions for specific email software. Many email programs work the same way. So try one of the options if you run into a problem.

Incredimail works fine. One additional setting needed. When logged in to the windows version: After installed and settings are in and when incredimail is running- Go to Tools, options, General,- the box should be checked for check for new messages every 8 hours if your computer is always left on. If you only leave the computer on for shorter periods of time, shorter check periods are ok. 1, or 4 hour suggested.
If you have too many automatic pulls the service may temporarily block incredimail, but you will still be able to check for new emails on the web version. You also have the option to uncheck the box, but then you have to manually click the get mail button to get or send any emails.

Download IncrediMail

Step by step setup instructions:
Basic Windows incredimail setup
Secure SSL Windows incredimail setup

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