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Mixed Drinks

A note about Responsible drinking: Some recipes in these sites may have a lot of alcohol in one drink! One mixed drink does not mean one serving of alcohol. Like all recipes ingredients and amounts vary. Never drink and drive! Alcohol reduces your reflexes and impairs your judgment ability, placing you at a greater risk to make poor decisions. Check out this from NYS DMV or find alcohol info from your States DMV here. Try this Safe Party guide.

Great Non Alcoholic Drink Beverages and Alternatives
Non alcoholic drinks from AllRecipes

NCA All about coffee
From history to storage to brewing.

Tea Association of U.S.
All about tea.

Mixed Drink Recipes
New addition! Mixed drinks. Searchable database. Ability to add a drink.

Find A Mixed drink recipe."How do you make that?" Search by name, or by what you have on hand. With or without alcohol. Includes Top Ten, and shows user ratings.

The Webtender
Online Bartender. Feature packed, including recipes, a Drink forum, a place to add like sites and lots more.

Cocktail Recipes. Easy to search, wild variety.

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