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American Medical Association
Medical Info from the American Medical Association.

American Osteopathic Association
The primary certifying body for D.O.s.

Rates Hospitals, Physicians, health plans and more! Search by state or name. See if a doctor has had his license suspended because of poor performance or billing fraud. Checks states the doc has practiced in if you search by physicians name.

American Board of Medical Specialties
Check specialists certification information for the 24 approved medical specialty boards in the United States.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
Choose an online verified pharmacy or see if your pharmacy is a member.

Administrators In Medicine
Free licensing background and disciplinary info on physicians and other health care practitioners .Includes info from many states but not all.

Check on your doctor. For a fee you can check on disciplinary actions taken against a physician. Checks on U.S. licensed medical physician (M.D.), osteopathic physician (D.O.) or physician assistant (P.A.). A service of the FSMB.

Check for questionable medical advice.

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