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Health Scout
Medical News.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Health and Safety

MD Choice
Medical info. 2 versions for Consumers and for Healthcare professionals. Includes a Home Emergency Simulator to help test your skills.

Health Information from the National Library of Medicine. Fantastic interactive tutorials on various conditions. Includes drug information.

Discovery Health
Great Medical Info from the Discovery Channel.

US Surgeon General
Medical Info from the US Surgeon General.

United States Department of
Health and Human Services

Services and information.

Type in a surgery name or medical condition and they will explain it to you.

Has some great tools for general health calculations!

iVillage Women's health
Health and Medical Site for women.

Health site for parents, kids and teens.

Health and Medical Site

Mayo Health Clinic
Health and Medical Site

American Heart Association
Official website for the American Heart Association.

Heart Information Network
Heart educational website.

World Health Organization
The United Nations specialized agency for health.

Medicine Net
Information By U.S. board-certified physician writers and scientists.

Weight Watchers
Weight loss/nutrition program/site. Includes online program.

Weight loss/nutrition program/site. Includes a food calorie database. StarsPath does not necessarily endorse this diet.

Clairol's Try It On Studio

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