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Air Force One R Action 1997
Aliens R Sci-fi 1986
Almost Famous R Drama/Romance 2000 *
An American Tale G Animated 1987
Apollo 13 PG True Story 1995
Armageddon PG-13 disaster 1998
Armed and Dangerous PG-13 Comedy 1986
The Arrival PG-13 Sci-fi 1996
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery PG-13 Comedy 1997
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me PG-13 Comedy 1999

Backdraft R Drama 1991
Back to the Future 1,2,3 PG Sci-fi 1985
Basic Instinct R Mystery 1992
Batman PG-13 Action 1989
Batman & Robin PG-13 Action 1997
Beauty & the Beast G Animated 1991
Beetlejuice PG Comedy/Horror 1988
Braveheart R Action/Drama 1995
Broken Arrow R Action 1996

Casper PG Fantasy 1995
Charlie's Angels PG-13 Action 2000
A Christmas Story PG Comedy 1983
Cinderella PG-13 Romance 2000
Contact PG Sci-fi 1997
Coyote Ugly PG-13 Drama/Romance 2000 *
Crimson Tide R Drama 1995
The Cutting Edge PG Romance/Drama 1992

Dante's Peak PG-13 Drama 1997
Dirty Dancing PG-13 Romance 1987
Die Hard R Action 1988
Doc Hollywood PG-13 Comedy 1991
Enemy of The State R Action 1998
Entrapment PG-13 Action 1999

Far and Away PG-13 Adventure/Drama 1992
Father of the Bride PG Comedy 1991
Field of Dreams PG Fantasy 1989
Flatliners R Horror 1990
Footloose PG Drama 1984
For Richer or Poorer PG-13 Comedy 1997
Funny Farm PG Comedy 1988

Ghost PG-13 Drama 1990
Ghost Busters PG-13 Comedy 1984
The Ghost and the Darkness R Drama, based on fact 1996
Gladiator R Action 2000
The Good The Bad and the Ugly R Western 1966
Goonies PG Kids Adventure 1985
Grease PG Musical 1977

Hamlet PG Drama 1990
Hard to Kill R Action 1990
Haunted R Thriller 1995
Home Alone PG Fantasy 1991
The Hunt for Red October PG Drama 1990

Independence Day PG-13 Sci-fi 1996
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark PG Adventure 1981
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade PG-13 Adventure 1989

Jaws R Drama 1975
Jurassic Park PG-13 Action 1993
The Last of the Mohicans R Drama/Action 1992
A League of Their Own PG Drama Based on fact 1992
The Little Mermaid G Animated 1989
Little Women PG Drama 1994
Lost in Africa PG Adventure 1994

Men in Black PG-13 Sci-fi 1997
Mission: Impossible PG-13 Action/Mystery 1996
Mortal Kombat PG-13 Action 1995
The Muppet Christmas Carol G Fantasy 1993
The Negotiator R Action 1998
Night of the Living Dead R Horror 1990
Night of the Living Dead No Rating Horror 1968 B&W
Outbreak R Action 1995

Pale Rider R Western 1985
The Perfect Storm PG-13 Adventure 2000
Platoon R Drama 1986
Poltergeist PG Horror 1982
Predator R Sci- fi 1987
Predator 2 R Sci-fi 1990

Rain Man R Drama 1988
The Relic R Horror/Suspense 1997
Return of the Living Dead Part2 R Horror 1988
Robin Hood: Prince of Theives PG-13 Adventure 1991
The Rocketeer PG Adventure 1991
Romancing the Stone PG Adventure 1984
The Rock R Action 1996
Rush Hour PG-13 Action/comedy 1998

Saving Private Ryan R War 1998
Scream 3 R thriller 1998
Scrooged PG-13 Horror 1988
Sirens R Drama/Fantasy 1994
Sister Act PG Comedy 1992
Sleepy Hollow R Horror 1999
The Sixth Sense PG-13 Horror/Suspense 1999
Space Jam PG Sports/Animated/Real 1996
Stand by Me R Drama 1986
Starship Troopers R Sci-fi 1997
Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home PG Sci-fi 1986
Star Wars PG Sci-fi 1977
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back PG Sci-fi 1980
Star Wars Return of The Jedi PG Sci-fi 1983
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace PG Sci-fi 1999

Titanic PG-13 Romance 1997
Terminator 2:Judgment Day R Sci-fi 1991
Thirteen Days PG-13 Drama 2000 *
Tombstone R Western 1993
Top Gun PG Drama 1986
Total Recall R Sci-fi 1990
Tremors PG-13 Sci-fi 1990
Twister PG-13 Drama/Adventure 1996

U - Z
Under Siege R Action1992
Volcano PG-13 Drama 1997
The Wedding Singer PG-13 Romance 1998
White Christmas Not Rated Musical 1954
Witness R Drama 1985
You've Got Mail PG Romance 1998

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