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10/25/2014 09:27 AM
SpaceX Dragon Departs Space Station after Delivering Slew of Science
Concluding a busy five week mission, the SpaceX Dragon CRS-4 commercial cargo ship departed the International Space Station (ISS) this morning, Oct. 25, after delivering a slew of some 2.5 tons of ground breaking science experiments and supplies that also inaugurated a new era in Earth science at the massive orbiting outpost following installation of […]

10/25/2014 08:58 AM
You Could Fit All the Planets Between the Earth and the Moon
I ran into this intriguing infographic over on Reddit that claimed that you could fit all the planets of the Solar System within the average distance between the Earth and the Moon. I’d honestly never heard this stat before, and it’s pretty amazing how well they tightly fit together. But I thought it would be […]

10/24/2014 09:58 PM
Google Exec Hands Silicon Valley the Stratospheric Jump Record
Just a little over two years since Felix Baumgartner broke USAF Colonel Joseph Kittinger’s stratospheric jump record, Alan Eustace from Google has independently smashed the high altitude skydiving record again. This brings home to Silicon Valley a record that might stand for a while. Eustace took a minimalist approach to the jump. His setup involved […]

10/24/2014 12:18 PM
Making Cubesats do Astronomy
One doesn’t take two cubesats and rub them together to make static electricity. Rather, you send them on a brief space voyage to low-earth orbit (LEO) and space them apart some distance and voilà, you have a telescope. That is the plan of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center engineers and also what has been imagined by several […]

10/24/2014 11:54 AM
Weekly Space Hangout – Oct. 24, 2014
Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Guests: Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba) (...)Read the rest of Weekly Space Hangout – Oct. 24, 2014 (12 words) © Fraser for Universe Today, 2014. | Permalink | One comment | Post tags: Black Holes, Cassini, China, Fermi Satellite, Hubble, Kepler, MESSENGER, milky way, Moon, Orion, solar eclipse, space plane Feed enhanced by […]

10/24/2014 08:59 AM
This Is the Very First Photo of Earth From Space
These days we see photos of our planet taken from space literally every day. Astronauts living aboard the International Space Station, weather and Earth-observing satellites in various orbits, even distant spacecraft exploring other planets in our Solar System… all have captured images of Earth from both near and far. But there was a time not that long […]

10/24/2014 07:30 AM
Comet Siding Spring Was Bleeding Hydrogen As It Sped By Mars
As Comet Siding Spring passed close by Mars on Sunday (Oct. 19), NASA’s newest Mars spacecraft took a time-out from its commissioning to grab some ultraviolet pictures of its coma. What you see above is hydrogen, a whole lot of it, leaving the comet in this picture taken from 5.3 million miles (8.5 million kilometers). […]

10/24/2014 07:09 AM
Stinky! Rosetta’s Comet Smells Like Rotten Eggs And Ammonia
While you can’t smell in space — there is no medium to carry the molecules, the same reason you can’t hear things — you can certainly detect what molecules are emanating from comets and other solar system bodies. A new analysis of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko by the orbiting Rosetta spacecraft thus found a rather pungent chemistry […]

10/24/2014 06:43 AM
Videos: From Space, Lightning Looks Like Creepy White Blobs
Standing on the ground, we’re used to seeing the bolts and flashes of lightning during epic thunderstorms. But how would it look like from space? These three Vine videos from orbiting NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman provide a glimpse. As you can see in these videos he uploaded to his Twitter account a few days ago, […]

10/23/2014 08:18 PM
China Launches Moon Mission to Test Key Lunar Sample Return Technologies
China launched a robotic mission to the Moon today (Oct. 23 EDT/Oct. 24 BJT) that will test a slew of key technologies required for safely delivering samples gathered from the Moon’s surface and returning them to Earth later this decade for analysis by researchers. Today’s unmanned launch of what has been dubbed “Chang’e-5 T1” is […]

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