Fix Font Size in IE Text too big or small
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Possible solution. How to Fix text size display problems in Microsoft IE Internet Explorer.

With your mouse it is possible to zoom in and out of a web page. This setting stays until you zoom it back in or out. This can cause unexpected display problems viewing certain web pages in internet explorer. The text on a web site becomes suddenly unreadable or too big. To fix this you need to press and hold ctrl on your keyboard while you scroll up or down with the center scroll wheel on your mouse.

Don't ask me how, but I accidently did it without knowing it. I can only imagine how many other people have done this and thought their video card or computer was bad, or worse yet not realize there is a change.

This zoom feature can be a valuable tool if you need to zoom in on a web page. It also should work fine in office. Just remember to set it back to normal!

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