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Monthly Budget Planner | Salary Planner

Monthly Budget Planner V 1.1

This is the latest version as of 6/6/2000
100% Freeware!
Yes, after a long disappearing act, it's back, by request, And better than ever. Redesigned for a cool look, easier use, and now includes charts based on your input!

Plan out your Monthly budget! Place in your expense, and income, then press calculate! It's a fun way to check out how your finances stack up. Used along with the salary planner it can be a valuable tool. Where is all that money going? Can I afford that other item? Find out now! Its a short download and worth checking out! Did I mention I made it?

For Windows 95, 98 Version uses Works
Download Budget Planner V 1.1 Works Version

For Windows NT/ Microsoft Office in Windows 95, 98, Version uses Excel
Download Budget Planner V 1.1 Excel Version
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