Email F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions
Important: Remember to log in at least once a month to keep your account active. Mail Plus members do not need to do this.

*Please Note: Free, ad-supported, Web Mail accounts created under a Sponsored Mail client may be automatically deactivated under two conditions:
The user does not login within 7 days of registering a new free Web Mail account. The user does not login after 30 days past the last Web Mail login. Inactive free Web Mail accounts will no longer receive email, and all messages are deleted. An inactive free Web Mail account may be activated with a successful Web Mail login; however, the deleted messages cannot be recovered. Free Web Mail accounts deactivated before 2004-07-12 and reactivated after 07-12 may still see some pages encoded in ISO-8859-1.

Mail Plus members do not have to worry about expiring accounts. Please consider upgrading to mail plus.

Q:I need general help.
A:Use the help button when logged on, for general self help instructions. This is the quickest way to get help.

Q: Why can't I log on to my email/member account?
A: Passwords are CaSe SenSiTiVe. Use UPPERCASE or lowercase exactly as you typed it in. This is the main cause of most log on problems.
*Also make sure your caps lock button is not accidently pressed on your keyboard. Caps lock is usually indicated by a lit middle green light on your keyboard (top right) and can be deactivated by pressing the caps lock key (usually left key third from bottom).

Q: My web browser starts to load but gets stuck on (2% of 1K) when trying to log in?
A: Upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or Netscape Navigator to access the website version of our email.

If you are having problems or on and off problems with viewing blank pages or slow loading in Internet Explorer, you may have to temporarily disable security programs like finjan surfin guard pro(its icon looks like a rescue ring in task bar), or other script disabling programs. Anti Virus software normally does not interfere and should be left on for your protection.

Q:I forgot My Password!
A:Go to the main page at: Click on the Email(upper right). Click the Forgot Password link. Follow instructions. You will be given a new password, which you should use to log on initially. Once logged on You will then need to immediately change your password to one that you can remember. See Next FAQ.

Q:I want to change my password.
A:Log in with your current password. Once logged on You will then need to change your current password to the new password you want. Click options. Then Click Password and follow instructions to create your password.

Q:I want to use a moble device or an outside email program like Microsoft Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, IncrediMail to send and receive my StarsPath email.
A: You need the Imap, POP3 & SMTP features of Mail Plus.
If you want mail plus, Log into your email account and click on options then Buy Email Upgrades(Add advanced features to your email account) then select Mailplus or Mail Plus Total Protection.
If you have mail plus, you can also go to options, select: Check Email With Outlook or Other Software for instructions.

\\\ See our advanced settings chart for additional information.

Q:I am using mail plus with an email program but it does not send or receive emails. What happened?
A: Check your Firewall settings, if you use one. Programs like Zone Alarm can block your email program.

Q:If I Upgrade my email account to MailPlus will it interfere with my email account?
A: Upgrades are fast and do not disrupt your email account.

Q:If you use Incredimail but can no longer send emails then:
A:Open Incredimail, then Go to tools, accounts
click properties
Click Advanced tab
In Outgoing mail (SMTP) field add 2525
click ok then close.
You are now able to send email from incredimail.

Q: How does the spell checker work? Why do My emails not send?
A: To use spell checker: After you press check spelling the first possible trouble word appears in red. Then you must select the best choice (if any) then click the ignore(skip and do nothing) or change(replace with selected word) buttons, to go to the next word if any. Repeat process as needed. When spell check is complete, click the ok button. Then you must still click the send message button to send it.

Q:How do I turn on/off notification to my other email address when I get new mail at my address?
A:Click options, click on Email Notification. To turn on: Enter your email address where you want to be notified.Press save. To turn off: Make sure the field is blank, then click save.

Q:How do I make a new folder?
A:Click folders, then Create New Top Level Folder. Complete the steps there. You can now filter or save emails to this folder. Call it whatever you want. Friends, business, family etc.

Q:What is Email filtering?
A:You can use keywords in an email when it arrives to automatically send it to a folder you created or to the trash etc. for example a filter can sort all emails containing John Doe to your friends folder. This way any email your friend John Doe sends will be in that folder.

Q:How do I set up Email filtering?
A:Click options then email rule.

Q:I want to see more/less emails at once. What do I do?
A:Go to to options then preferences. Select 10, 20, 40 or 80. Click save. Keep in mind, slow connections may take longer to load more messages.

Q:Why do I only get some emails and not others?
A:Some very rare emails may treated like spam even if you did not set filters or spam options. Check your folders button when logged on and look for these missing emails in the spam or filtered folders if you have them. It may be possible to set up filters to catch these emails and send them to the folder of your choice. See email filtering above. In SpamShield Pro(mail plus feature) You can add Approved Senders(SpamShield Pro does not affect messages from Approved Senders).

SpamShield Pro Order of Operations
Messages are processed in the following order:

2.Web Mail Email Rules
3.SpamShield Pro
a.Approved Senders
b.Blocked Senders
c.Move Spam to Folder
Web Mail Email Rules take precedence over SpamShield Pro.

Q:I want my email from an another email service to be sent to my starspath email account.
A:You can read e-mail from your other accounts (work, home, etc.) if your Internet Service Provider or company uses a Post Office Protocol (POP3) server. Go to options, then click Check External Mail. Press the add pop accounts button, then complete information from your other email account. Select your options, then click save.

Q:SMTP Port 25 Blocked?
A:Some Internet Service Providers or network administrators block the default port (25) reserved for standard SMTP communication. Our users with SMTP can workaround this problem by switching to secure SMTP, or an alternate port for email programs that do not support secure SMTP.

To protect all our users, and to provide high quality service, Accounts are suspended if they violate the of terms of use. Do not use your email to send out spam!

Q:I still need help.
A:Use the help button when logged on, for general instuctions or carefully read below to avoid delays:

Note: Mail Plus Members needing email account help should use the Help button or support link(login page) when logged on to your account. Use the Premium Support Inquiry Form link there for fast service. Any Mail Plus members that can not log in to their account, please click here for email account help (Free for Mail Plus Users).
Mail plus members not seeking email account help should instead click here.

Free email members needing email or general help and non members with general site questions or comments, or questions about INCREDIMAIL should click here.

Free email members needing urgent email help may pay per incident with our email service partner for faster response.